Patchwork Dog Blankets

Unique dog blankets made from old towels. There are not two same patterns. Upcycling is a good way to save recources and create new things. The blankets can be washed 60C. You are very welcome to order a personalised blanket with your own design. Size of the patches 20cmx25cm 20cmx12,5cm or 12,5×12,5cm. The smaller the patch the more possiblities to arrange them. Costs: 3.-/patch, no matter what size. Smaller patches take longer to sew together. Please keep in mind, that the towels had a former life.

I started to upcycle because my young Labradors liked to tear apart their towels and I had some big pieces which would have been a shame to just throw away. So I washed and cut them in patches to create new and unique blankets for my beloved dogs. 

Available blankets:


Flowers: 60cmx65cm, CHF 45.-


Elements: 66cmx80cm, CHF 60.-


Earth: 60cm x 100cm, CHF 120.-


Peace: 66cmx70cm, CHF 75.-


Waterfront: 64cmx74cm, CHF 45.-


Pond: 80cmx103cm, 60.-


Beach: 59cmx75cm, 30.-

Postage included in the price for orders in Switzerland.