In Memory

GB Sh. Ch. Trenow Plover 19.11.2011-27.06.2021

I am heartbroken, my beloved most gentle Labrador Retriever “Sam” has gone. Unexpectedly he felt very poorly and after two visits at the vet clinic it was clear that Sam suffered from a very aggressive type of cancer. So there was no hope and rather than to let him suffer I let him go over the rainbowbridge where his dear sister Sophie already was awaiting him. RIP my dear old chap


Dunja 18.10.2009-05.03.2018


My lovely Great Dane Dunja lived her first 18 months in different places until she was brouhgt together with her sire Duca to the animal shelter where I did my apprenticeship. I loved them from the first moment we met. Duca was such a calm and gentle old chap and Dunja then still a lanky youngster was a bundle of joy. After passing my exams I adopted the both of them. Sadly Duca died only 5 months later on new year’s eve 2012 at the age of 10. 


2011 Im Unterengadin                  Duca Sept. 2002-Dez. 2012

Jeff of Farley Hill 14.04.2004-29.07.2011


Jeff was my first own dog. With him I visited obedience lessons and trained  5 years water rescue with Christine Pfenninger and her team the “Hard Working Water Lovers” at the lake Zurich. Sadly Jeff died far too young. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 7. He will always have a special place in my heart!