About Us

WE, that’s my Labradors:

Sam, Miles, Grace and her daughters Bonnie & Cora

Sussex Spaniel Marcus and  I Julia L. Käser.





As a child I grew up with dogs, cats & birds. Most of all I loved our Labrador Retrievers. My mother founded 1993 her kennel “Labradors of Fraley Hill” and after thorough research for the best foundation bitch 1997 the first litter was born. I helped her from the first day on. She passed me the passion of dog breeding. 2017 the Z-litter was born, the last of the “Farley Hill” kennel.

2010 I did a 2y. apprenticeship in a well known animal shelter & boarding kennel in the alpine region of Unterengadin. There I learned all about how dogs communicate and of course how to look after them. 2012 I passed my exams and am now a registered pet carer and member of the ASFSA. Before that I worked as a businesswoman in some law firms in Zurich.

2016 I started my own kennel, Otter Creek’s. With Grace (Wonderful Grace of Farley Hill) I received from my mother the best possible foundation bitch one could wish for. Grace is a caring mother and produces lovely, healthy puppies. She had her first litter 2017.

My two stud dogs Miles (Trenow Minstrel Boy) and Sam (GB. Sh. Ch. Trenow Plover) I received from my dear friends Maureen and Tony Floyd, GB. In spring 2014 I could collect a tiny black bundle of joy. That was Miles, who grew into an powerful big boy with the most loving temperament. Although Sam is the elder of the two he joined us only in 2017. By then he was already 5,5 years old. He is very kind natured and a super show dog. Both dogs have produced several litters with healthy puppies in Switzerland. Sam has also offspring in Great Britain and Italy.

2019 the C-litter was born and out of that I kept Bonnie and Cora. They have been health checked but have yet to pass the test of temperament & natural aptitude before I can use them for breeding.  

Marcus, my Sussex Spaniel is the ruler of the pack. He arrived 2015 from Great Britain. With him I did 2017 the training as PAT-dog (pets as therapy). Since then we visit people with special needs and homes for the elderly.